The Surest Technique To Stop Missing Your Ex today And Feel OK Again.



When you’ve just broken up with someone, it feels like things will never be normal again. After you’ve gone through all the stages of grief and you’re tired of the anger, there’s just one feeling left that overwhelms you: the feeling of longing and the fact that you miss him.

You can’t help it, and it’s normal – after all, you’ve put time, effort, and love into this relationship and suddenly, this important person is not there anymore and you’re going to feel his absence quite severely.

But here is the best approaches to this issue that will help you get over this, or at least, make this period in your life more bearable. Before you know it, things will have changed, and you’ll even be ready to love again.

But until then, let’s see what we can do about you missing that pesky ex.

First, Consider counselling and Coaching

If you’re having a really hard time, or the break-up is still fresh, therapy can be an excellent resource to help you process your feelings in a healthy way. I bet you this will help skew your perception, and give you a big restart to your feelings and emotions.

You don’t know what’s real and what’s just your loneliness talking anymore, so having an unbiased professional lend you an ear can help a lot, and you’ll get valuable advice that’s not coming from your bestie who just wants you to shut up about your ex.

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Stop blaming yourself

A break-up can really damage your self-esteem, because you’re going to have the tendency to doubt yourself and assign blame in all the wrong places.

What I want you to remember is that typically, the end of a relationship is not the fault of just one party; both partners make mistakes and contribute to the break-up in some way.

That being said, if he cheated, it doesn’t mean that YOU were not enough, that the other woman was prettier, smarter, hotter and that you are in any way “less than.” That attitude creates a very unhealthy thought-process and head-space for you to be in.

The best way to get over a feeling or emotion and to stop obsessing over it is to express it. Just let it out, put it out there, and you’ll feel a great release.

I suggest you to write a letter. That you won’t send, of course. Pour your feelings onto that piece of paper. Then, you can burn it, feed it to the dog, or keep it somewhere. The act of putting pen to paper is enough, you don’t actually need to send it.

Seriously, please don’t.


Fill your time

The less time you’ve got to obsess over him, the less you’re going to miss him. Sometimes, we fool ourselves into thinking we miss someone or are still in love with an ex simply because we’re lonely, or bored, or have too much time on our hands and a deep bitterness about the fact that he’s moved on.

I’m speaking from experience.

So, how do you counteract this unhealthy behavior?

It is simple: By filling up your time with activities. Saturate your mind with experiences, people, stories, new feelings, etc. He doesn’t fit in a mind where there’s no room for him.

You can also travel, When things get overwhelming, sometimes the best thing to do is just to get out. You’re not running away, you’re just taking some space. Go somewhere new, see new places, and experience new things.

Taking yourself out of your normal environment can act as a great reset to your system. And who will even have time to miss that loser ex, when there’s so much to see?

Lastly, Try for a reconciliation

At the end of the day, the relationship may not actually be hopeless. Usually, once you get over the Denial stage of your grieving process, you should be able to recognize what the problem was.

Sometimes, a period of separation can help you see things more clearly and put things into perspective. Things that previously seemed huge can now seem unimportant. In that case, getting back together can be a way (maybe the only one) to stop missing your ex.

Is it too late to get your ex back? It’s harder to get your ex back but that doesn’t mean there is no chance.

But before you go ahead with reconciling with him, here are few signs that your Ex still loves you.

  • When You keep bumping into him everywhere.
  • He keeps in touch with your mom
  • He calls and texts you constantly.
  • He’s becomes supportive
  • He has emotional outbursts around you


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