Finding out a partner has cheated is never easy – but most people would rather know the truth than remain in the dark about their significant partner’s infidelities.

Infidelity is one of the more challenging problems faced in a relationship. While many people are blindsided if and when they find out about a spouse cheating, others may suspect it because of actions that are out of the norm. Despite everyone is different, the signs of cheating are definitive and there are certain behaviors that together may back up your unfortunate hunch.

Behavior changes, curious actions, and odd occurrences can certainly indicate that a partner is having an affair. That said, it’s important to remember that is not always the case.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating, it is understandable to want a definitive way to prove your suspicion. While things like stepping outside to talk on the phone could be related to infidelity, there may be other explanations.

Consider the following possible signs that your partner is not being faithful.

  1. Changes in Your Sex Life
  • There is considerably less intimacy or connection in your relationship.
  • There are noticeable changes in sex drive.
  • You learn that you have an STD and you have not strayed.


  1. Changes IN Attitude
  • Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer, or there is a sudden interest in appearance.
  • Your Spouse is working longer and longer hours at work. And now keeps late night.
  • Your spouse becomes more critical of you and seems to be picking fights more often.
  • You feel as if you are being avoided and he turns to be more secretive.
  • Your partner abandons religious faith.
  • Your spouse doesn’t show any jealousy about you, no matter what you say or do.


  1. Money Issues
  • You notice charges on credit card statements that don’t make sense.
  • Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
  • Your spouse stops planning for large purchases for the family such as a trip, buying a house, etc.


  1. Change in Technology Use
  • Your Spouse Phones and Laptops becomes closely guided.
  • Your spouse stops using shared devices altogether.
  • Your spouse becomes hard to reach via call.
  • Your partner clears the browser history on the home computer.

Again, what may be a warning sign in one relationship may be nothing to be concerned about in another relationship. In fact, most signs of infidelity are quite subtle. It is only when the lies and stories stop adding up that the cheating usually comes to light.

In most cases, even when you confront your partner with accusations of cheating, it will be denied. Unless you have hard evidence or irrefutable proof, many will not admit to infidelity.

There are a few ways that you can tell if your spouse is lying . If you keep getting denial and push-back when trying to discuss your concerns with your partner, you may need to get professional help to sort through things.


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But After you found out that he is Cheating on you… How Do You Get Your Man Back?

First, Let him know that you are aware. Scarily right? Yes, it is. If you let him know that you are aware of what he is doing, this will serve as a deterrent to cheating because the urge to cheat is hiding under the disguise of deceit and the desire to deceive.

So when he realizes that you are aware of his activities, he wouldn’t want to continue especially when he is wondering what is cooking up in your mind.


  1. Keep your emotions in check

Your first impulse, when faced with the reality of a man who is pushing you away, is to get angry. You’re confused and you’re super frustrated.

It’s perfectly fine to feel hurt, but you can’t go over-the-top, and especially not to him. Strong negative reactions will out you in a very negative and unflattering light. That won’t make him want to come running back to you, it will only push him away further.

Instead of Shouting: “How could you do this to me?”, “You’re horrible for doing this!”, “I can’t believe you abandoned me!”, “Why haven’t you been answering my calls?”, “Where were you?”, “Did you cheat on me?”.

Instead of jumping down his throat, practice offering support. Be kind, calm and understanding.

The language and attitude above are very confrontational, and accusatory, and that’s going to send him running in the opposite direction. You catch more flies men with honey.


Discover his Love Languages and give it to him the way he wants it.

Both partners should work hard not to withdraw. In order to have a positive relationship, you need to communicate on a constant basis. It’s important not to let things fester. You need to be so on top of your relationship that you spot little changes in the dynamic before they become big changes by doing this; talk to him about his day – every day.

Text him an “I love you” or call him during the day to see how his day is going.

Don’t do this so much you’re disrupting his work, but do it here or there to let him know you’re thinking about him. Don’t forget the art of listening. It’s really important in relationships . The summary of what am saying is that constant communication is very essential.

Finally, don’t stop working on your marriage. Keep pushing it, persist and enjoy the process.


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